I had no idea since I got depressed again the last few weeks. My world was dark and had a really bad mood.

Something made me think about him again. The one I hate to remember.

My memmories are getting worse and I don't know how or why..

I can barely remember the song I love the most

I can hardly think of something that just happened right away.

I need someone or something to make me happy...

My life is just a mess and boring...


I need my friend back!!

Some great friends in my life...

Friends are the most important thing in my little world..

And I've been alone without contacting them all...

What am I doing?

to push them away?

Maybe you're right, Sebas

Sometimes I am just overthink

I should just get over it.

And everything will be fine.


I really need to get something new

I miss the way I used to be in San Jose

I really miss my home since it's not possible to go back and stay longer.

I just need to find a way out to keep myself better.

That's the thing I'm going to work on.




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