Sometimes I really think of going back to the church.

I have left the church since I was nineteen..

I guess because I didn't really have a great friend there and felt a bit bored..

When I pain from other parts, such as love, families and friends..

I think of God...

Thinkin' about my old church -- Grape Vineyard, Palo Alto, CA

With lots of brothers and sisters -- Aunts and uncles I mean

Lots of happiness happened at the moment when I was young

Now, I felt lonely..

No one to talk to

Especially, my best friends all live in foreign countries..

I always thought about going back to the church, but I didn't do that coz...

suddenly, I felt I didn't have courage to go back..

What to bring me there?

Sometimes I was too busy at work

not much time to be with God..

Sometimes I'm thinkin' of changing to other religious

Now, my life is such a mess

I dont' know what to do

I dont' know where to go

I'm really confused.


"Just do it" A slogon likes that

I know that I got so many excuses for not going to the church

seems like I'm escaping something

sounds like I'm afraid of facing God

I know,

God will forgive us

Whatever we do wrong...


Maybe I just need a good friend here in Taiwan

A really positive friend who may lead me to know Jesus again

but ...can I?

How can I be there?

How can I open my heart and pray for him?


I have no idea with that..

and I don't know what to do then...


I really enjoy the moment when Thanksgiving came..

Youth Group will do something positive and unforgitable things ever ..

but why I couldn't find my joy

someone to talk to

someone to pray for?


Maybe I just miss my friends so much

Maybe I just miss the place I stayed..

Yeah, I really miss Cupertino...Saratoga...any places I have been..

I really miss all of you, my friends..

I don't feel like there's no chance to go back

I feel so sick of this place

Why I have to come back?


Well, there's no answer for this......

I have thought about that for years

no result, no ideas


Can I just get out of here?

and will that be my freedom?

ever after?



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